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Frontline Research: Get help with your African Route to Market strategy

Building or refining your Route to Market strategy in Africa? The Frontline Research Group can help.

Drawing up a feasible Route to Market strategy is a key consideration for multinational companies seeking to seize on the growth in African markets – and nobody does it better than leading market research company, the Frontline Research Group.

There is reason why businesses would want to enter the African markets. It is a time of growth and optimism. For example, what was a 7% annual growth rate from 2005 through 2015 is now expected to be a 12% a year growth through to 2035. Consumer consumption is expected to be over a trillion US dollars a year by 2025 aided by a growing middle class.

However, the challenge with Africa is complexity. The continent is actually around 50 different markets – each one with its own political, social, legal, cultural and economic character. Needless to say, the logistics involved in selling to Africa can be overwhelming.

This is where the Frontline Research Groups’ Africa Route to Market solutions come in. Their Route to Market offering, is a turnkey solution meant for businesses and companies wanting to get it right first time and reap rewards for years to come

By becoming your partner, Frontline Research works with you to come up with a road-map to optimizing your route to market and customer service policies.

What is meant by Route to Market

Simply put, Route to Market is a plan of how companies deliver products to the customer, in the most efficient and economical way, to ensure the best return on investment. It is widely agreed that Route to Market is one of the most important things to get right in a business, both when entering a new market, as well as maintaining profitability within that market.

That is because if a company is not able to supply its customers, with the right product, at the right time, in the right location, at an affordable price, and their competitor can do this, they will lose market share.

This is more pronounced on the African continent where, for example, in some markets or countries, consumers prefer buying from small stores and kiosks while in other markets, consumers flock to street vendors and open markets. Many of these resellers depend on wholesalers.

Consequently, if a company failed to understand this and tried to sell its products via large supermarkets or online in a market dominated by open markets, it would lose out on a large portion of the potential market. The same result would happen if a company were to attempt to sell say milk in its liquid form in a market characterised mostly by powdered milk consumption like in Nigeria.

For Route to Market to work, it requires a marrying of methodologies from market sizing, to consulting, to market dynamics – all of which the Frontline Research Group can assist with.

Route to Market solution with the Frontline Research Group in Africa  

Through its years of experience working in many markets on the African continent for various companies, Frontline Research should be your port of call for customised Route to Market solutions.

Route to Market is among the fit-for-purpose, bespoke market research solutions that the company offers under its specialised and aptly-named Frontline Strategic Projects.

The company will assist you in optimising your company’s distribution volume, ability to deliver the required levels of customer service, in a cost-effective manner, and success at securing retail shelf space for your products.

While optimising your Route to Market strategy, you also get assistance with creating flexible and adaptive responses to changes in the markets and emerging competitive threats.

The power of Route to Market offering with Frontline Research is its ability to help you stay on top in your market environment and seize on emerging opportunities, in a customisable package, designed specifically for your needs.

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