Frontline Research Group

The Frontline Research Group is a leading market research company within Africa. For businesses seeking growth in Africa, the Frontline Research Group is the emerging market, research experts. We go places in African territories few others go, to uncover insightful market realities, leading to substantial gains. Our ability to penetrate and inform on emerging markets, and the flexibility of our market research programs, are a key to our success. Talk to us, for key, actionable insights in the markets that are key to your success…¬†READ MORE

Market Research

Retail Tracking Services

Frontlines Retail Tracking Services measures the retail environment data and trends over time to provide both strategic insights and tactical actions into African markets…

Market Research

Strategic Projects

Frontline Strategic Projects provides actionable market insights, by conducting fit for purpose, bespoke research projects, and offering solutions within various market sectors…

Market Research

GeoMapping Intelligence

Frontline Strategic Projects provides expert mapping services using unique software, which adds spatial functionality and intelligence to the Microsoft Excel environment…


“Have you ever considered what data your company retains and what business secrets it may hold? Do you want to know what your customers or competitor customers think? Ever wanted to take your CSI/CSR portfolio to the next level and link them to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)? Did you know that companies with compliance to the SDGs have a higher increase in turnover than companies who do not? Do you want to find out which SDGs your company can contribute to?