Strategic Projects

Frontline Strategic Projects provides actionable market insights, by conducting fit for purpose, bespoke market research projects, and offering solutions within various market sectors within Africa. Due to this in depth and accurate market research Frontline offers, our clients are enabled to make tactical and strategic decisions, in territories across the African continent

Offering includes; Market Sizing & Segmentation, Route to Market, Bespoke Projects, Mystery Shopping, Retail Census Studies, Time and Motion Studies and Consulting.

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Market Research

Market Sizing & Segmentation

Market Sizing and Segmentation is identifying the potential market size relevant to your business and segmenting this market to analyze the growth opportunities relevant to your business strategy.

Route to Market

Our Route to Market offering, is a turnkey solution, working in partnership with you to provide a road-map to optimizing your route to market and customer service policies.

Bespoke Projects

Usually, short term projects focused on a very specific need. These are customized and tailored around your requirements. 

Census Studies

Retail Census

A ‘walk the streets’ census of all retail outlets in geographically defined regions within Africa. Usually countrywide but can focus on specific geographic areas within countries. Outlet types are identified and assessed. In combination with Geo-mapping (GIS) systems, outlets are mapped and linked to government census data. The Retail Census process is of key importance to Frontline’s market research as it helps us achieve the most accurate understanding of our various markets, and enables accurate market sizing, and sampling for route to market and retail tracking projects.

Sample Retail Census

Sample Retail Census is a ‘walk the street’ sampling of retail outlets. Outlets are identified and assessed and then extrapolated to a wider geographical area using Geo-mapping (GIS) systems and data from various sources.


Recent Census Data Sets

  • Zambia – 2019
  • Namibia – 2018
  • Botswana – 2018
  • Angola – 2015 & 2018
  • South Africa – 2011 & 2018
  • Mozambique – 2017
  • Gabon – 2017
  • Malawi – 2017
  • Côte d’Ivoire – 2016
  • Rwanda – 2016

Time and Motion Studies

To determine a “normal” or “average” time for a job, and then analyse effective time vs wasted time, and make recommendations to improve efficiency.

Outlet Location and Activation Application (OLA)

As part of Frontline Market Research’s quest to increase data quality, we developed the Outlet Location & Activation (OLA) application, specifically to be used by our quality control team, whilst conducting a retail census.

This application has since been developed, to offer our clients a tool, to manage their own client base/outlet data, and to assist the field teams in the following areas:

  • Capturing GPS co-ordinates for current clients
  • Finding existing outlets (rep routing),
  • Updating outlet data whilst in the field (database management),
  • Capturing new outlet data for routing & planning purposes
  • Conducting client specific outlet surveys

Further functionality, and customization, can be added, in consultation with the client

Strategic Consultancy

Frontline Market Research offers strategic consultancy on various market related challenges, and we can either develop solutions specifically for the problem at hand ourselves, or partner with other industry experts, in order to deliver a fit for purpose solution to enhance our clients business.