Responding to Market Dynamics – A Frontline case study

In Tanzania, liquor sachets – 50ml and 100ml packs, had contributed a significant share to the overall liquor category, and were a key driver of spirit sales. It was pretty simple: The sachets were low priced, and had very decent alcohol levels – good bang for the buck from the consumer point of view. The … Read moreResponding to Market Dynamics – A Frontline case study

Township Hair Salons are paying their way.

Township hair salon

By Kevin Abraham In my wanderings around a couple of local townships, I see a proliferation of shipping containers on the streets, and many of these house salons and barber shops. Container or otherwise, these salons are an integral part of the informal economy, and serve as community meeting points, where people gather to chat … Read moreTownship Hair Salons are paying their way.

On Customer Satisfaction Research

BY Kevin Abraham 22.02.18 Customer satisfaction is a concept that most organisations claim to know and appreciate. After all, understanding customer levels of satisfaction (or disappointment) with regards to services and products, and acting to improve it, would seem to be a crucial exercise. Yet all too often, I am informed that there is no … Read moreOn Customer Satisfaction Research