The pitfalls of syndication & losing touch with your clients

The choice of motor vehicle gives us great insight into a person. The motor vehicle industry is a colossus and the variety of cars have changed how the world moves about. There are many manufacturers, and innumerable models, all designed to capture a certain market, or cater for a specific need. In this smorgasbord of … Read moreThe pitfalls of syndication & losing touch with your clients

Cultural Competence

Coffee Culture

The modern business environment is ever more ethnically and culturally diverse. In the workplace, it is no longer unusual to work side by side with associates and employees who come from varied backgrounds. In addition, with globalization, there is growing interaction with different cultures across large geographies.  This unprecedented level of diversity comes with a … Read moreCultural Competence

Pepsi in South Africa – an uphill climb

In the last 25 years or so, PepsiCo soft drinks have had a hard time in S.A. The trouble beganwhen it re-entered the market after the transition to democracy in 1994. Pepsi did pretty good business in South Africa up until the mid-eighties. In 1985, in responseto pressure to disinvest from Apartheid South Africa, it left. Coke … Read morePepsi in South Africa – an uphill climb

African Continental Trade Agreement: closer than ever.

In January, I wrote about the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA). With the 7th July sign on of Nigeria and Benin a key obstacle to the pact’s feasibility has been eliminated.  So I thought I’d relook the subject, and see what new insights were available. Despite the fact that we have a continent of … Read moreAfrican Continental Trade Agreement: closer than ever.

The 1995 Barings bank collapse – a failure we might learn from.

Barings Bank

Not much remains to remind us of Barings Bank, which collapsed nearly a quarter of a century ago, after having done pretty well for the Baring family for around 250 years. Technically, it was KO’d by the actions of just one man, but really, it probably couldn’t have happened without the unwitting culpability of just about every director and senior manager in the organization.

Retail Tracking – Proper in-store product tracking in Africa starts with Frontline Research Group

Retail Tracking

Retail Tracking Services or in store product tracking is crucial for businesses wanting to understand in store product behaviour so as to develop strategies and offerings that grow sales, profit, and see customers returning for more New technologies and changing consumer trends mean retailers and manufacturers are now constantly under pressure to develop products and … Read moreRetail Tracking – Proper in-store product tracking in Africa starts with Frontline Research Group

Cannabis vs alcohol: Which way will the market go, and grow?

Cannabis vs Alcohol

An article on the impact of increased cannabis consumption on the alcoholic beverage industry in USA [Jules Scully, Fastmoving, Feb 26th 2019] makes the point that as cannabis acceptance and consumption grows, the risk to alcohol beverages is likely to increase. The US cannabis industry has surged in recent years – ten states have now approved adult recreational use of cannabis products and 34 states have approved cannabis for medicinal purposes.