About Us


Frontline is committed to provide insight and intelligence about emerging markets within Africa to enable our clients to make informed decisions.


We are committed to providing clients with market research and intelligence of superb quality, throughout Africa.

Key Strengths

  • Ability to penetrate and inform on emerging markets.
  • Flexibility on scope and measures per client.
  • Strong analysis at strategic as well as tactical level.
  • Single point of reference across all countries under study in Africa.
  • Database links all countries under study to enable comparative analysis.
  • Very strong urban/peri-urban/rural footprint in all countries we work in.
  • Data drill down from executive summary to outlet level information.
  • Channel and market segmentation aligned with client definitions.
  • Possibly the most flexible research programme you have encountered in Africa.


  • European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR), 
  • African Market Research Association (AMRA)
  • South African Market Research Association (SAMRA)