Tanzania offers massive growth opportunities to the FMCG industry

Frontline Research Group (FRG) recently conducted a retail census of Tanzania that gathered data on 99 000 retail outlets. The census covered 73% of the population density of Tanzania with 96% of urban areas covered as well as 85% of peri-urban, 60% of rural 46% of deep rural areas covered too. All these retail outlets […]

Enhancing Traditional Trade: The Rise of Premium Offerings in Africa

Traditional Trade, also known as Informal Trade, accounts for a very large portion of Africa’s retail sales.  Euromonitor International say that, outside of South Africa, it is estimated that informal channels account for between 40% and 90% of total sales. The size of South Africa’s informal economy, says World Economics, is estimated to be 28.8% […]

Unlocking FMCG Insights: Exploring Syndicated Retail Census and Audits in Nigeria

For blue chip companies looking to maintain their steady growth rate in an ever more competitive market, Africa offers a unique opportunity.   Many of the fastest growing economies in the world are located on this continent and, whereas many Western Countries are seeing little to no population growth, Africa’s population continues to increase. Nigeria is […]

Syndicated Retail Audits for FMCG Products in Kenya

Frontline Research Group (FRG) have been conducting retail audits in the alcoholic beverage industry in Kenya, for many years, and are now interested in syndicating, and expanding, these retail audits, into various other sectors within Kenya’s FMCG market. In particular, they are venturing into confectionery, canned food, dairy, tobacco, soft drinks, and energy drinks, aiming […]

Are you looking for a post-Covid retail census in Kenya?

Steve Johnson, Managing Director at the Frontline Research Group (FRG), believes that a post-COVID retail census for the FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) industry in Kenya, is important for several reasons. Steve says, “As the retail landscape has undergone significant changes due to the pandemic, and continues to evolve, it has become crucial for businesses within […]

Why Frontline Research Group is the best research company for Tanzania

Frontline Research Group (FRG) is a full service market research company who have been conducting market research, retail census and retail audits in Tanzania for many years.  They have some of the most granular retail data available and have recently conducted a retail census, enumerating over 99 000 retail outlets, across the country. Market research services […]

Monthly Retail Tracking in the Kenyan FMCG Industry

Kenya is one of the most important economies in Africa and arguably the most important in East Africa.  With a forecast economic growth rate of 5.8% for 2023, it is also one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Under the Kenya Vision 2030, the Government targeted to raise the share of products sold […]

Entering or expanding your market share in East Africa? Here’s how

East Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda, is expected to have an economic growth rate of between 5 and 5.5% in 2022. This is significantly higher than the 2 to 2.2% growth expected in Europe and the USA for the same period. The prospects and opportunities in the retail industry in East Africa are […]