Retail Data and Insights – Order now and for the 2024 budget year

Frontline Research Group (FRG) has a wealth of existing retail data across Africa and their ongoing Retail Tracking studies, and frequently updated Retail Census ensure that the data is current. In addition to the data FRG also provides analyses, insights and direction from their highly skilled and experienced team of researcher. The information supplied by […]

Why Frontline Research Group is the best research company for Tanzania

Frontline Research Group (FRG) is a full service market research company who have been conducting market research, retail census and retail audits in Tanzania for many years.  They have some of the most granular retail data available and have recently conducted a retail census, enumerating over 99 000 retail outlets, across the country. Market research services […]

Outlet Data of 99 000 Retailers in Tanzanian


From a retail perspective Tanzania is one of the more important countries in Africa.  It has the 9th biggest economy in Africa, has a population of 64 million and, with a GDP Annual Growth Rate that averaged 6.45 percent from 2002 until 2022, it has the 7th fastest growth rate on a continent that is […]

Mozambique Retail Industry

Analytical Data on 35 000 outlets and counting Mozambique is a large country, with a coastline of 2 500km, running north to south. According to the World Bank two thirds of the population of 32 million, resides in rural and deep rural areas. Mozambique may be grappling with a military insurgency in its far north, […]

Covid and African Market Competitiveness

By Kevin Abraham The stated vision of the African Continental Free Trade Area is to create one African Market, and the world’s largest, barrier free trade zone. As of late 2019, 30 countries out of 54 had ratified the agreement, and although that number is low, an official date for the startup of intra-nation trading […]