Tailored Subscription Packages for Retail Audits

Frontline Research Group (FRG) have positioned themselves as leaders in retail auditing in Africa particularly for the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage sector.

Traditional Trade in Africa cannot be neglected and it is in this area that FRG particularly excels.

Their mastery in extracting pivotal information from traditional markets, coupled with their bespoke service offerings, makes them a preferred partner for businesses seeking detailed market insights.

They have ongoing Audits in many African countries and this information is obtainable through four subscription options.

Liesl Pearson, Business Developer at FRG says, “Whether your focus is broad or specific, our subscription packages are designed to align with your business requirements and budget constraints.”

Versatile Data Solutions for Retail Audits

FRG offers four different subscription packages, namely; Foundation, Performer, Executive and Partner.  There are numerous advantages to these packages:

Geographical Customization: Choose data granularity from local to country-wide insights.

Temporal Flexibility: Access real-time or historical data based on your strategic needs.

Brand-Specific Data: Obtain detailed tracking information for individual brands or categories.

Custom Metrics: Focus on metrics that matter most to your business strategy.

Data Accessibility and Support: Not only is the data provided in a manner to suite your needs and budget but it is presented on an advanced PowerBI platform.  This is an online portal for intuitive access to Retail Audit outcomes.

Depending on the subscription level you take, various training and data analysis support is offered, from our experienced client service and account managers. We also can include in country workshops to unpack the power of the data with key members of the team, making it actionable and practical

See below for more details in each subscription offering. For more information or a demonstration contact Liesl Pearson, Business Development. Tel +27 (0)86 999 0407, mobile +27 (0)82 441 7331 or email liesl.pearson@frontlineafrica.com.