What makes Frontline Research Group different?

Caption for image above: Executive Directors; clockwise from top left; Christoff Greeff, Steve Johnson, Sean Barnes, Elmari Campher

A viewpoint from key staff members

Frontline Research Group (FRG) have been leaders in traditional trade research in Africa for many years.

Steve Johnson, Managing Director at FRG, together with the other three executive directors, has cultivated a culture of unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and a determination to maintain their position as a leader in their field.

Steve says, “I asked a few key employees to articulate what they believed set FRG apart from its competitors. Their insights not only shed light on the distinct features that define the essence of FRG but they also revealed our teams’ commitment to client service.”

Response 1: Flexibility, Commitment, and Unparalleled Reach

Drawing from my experience in other research firms, I can say that FRG’s unparalleled flexibility and commitment is extraordinary.

FRG distinguishes itself by its agility and willingness to tailor offerings to meet clients’ specific needs. This adaptability extends beyond mere customization; FRG is a partner that truly comprehends the intricacies of the African market, particularly traditional trade channels.

I also want to highlights FRG’s expansive reach, surpassing competitors in reaching diverse outlets within impressive timeframes. Moreover, the emphasis on relationships and collaboration underscores FRG’s holistic approach to client engagement, transcending the role of a mere data provider to become a trusted advisor invested in client success.

Response 2: A Legacy of Customization and Excellence

FRG has great historical roots and can trace its origins as a boutique research house focused on customized solutions. Despite its significant growth, FRG has preserved this ethos, prioritizing client-specific approaches over standardized products.

FRG maintains meticulous control over every aspect of its studies, ensuring they remain best-in-class. Moreover, FRG’s commitment to service excellence extends beyond data delivery, emphasizing the transformation of data into actionable insights as the true value proposition.

This emphasis on customization, coupled with a relentless pursuit of excellence, solidifies FRG’s position as a leader in the market research landscape.

Response 3: Relentless Innovation and Client-Centric Solutions

I have been a long-standing employee of and throughout my tenure I can confirm FRG’s relentless pursuit of innovation and client-centricity.

Over nearly 14 years at FRG, I have witnessed a culture of passion, resilience, and client dedication.

Central to FRG’s success is its experienced core team, boasting many decades of collaboration across diverse African markets. This cohesive team dynamic, fuelled by a shared commitment to excellence, drives FRG’s continuous improvement initiatives.

The focus on innovation not only enhances service levels but also fosters enduring client relationships built on trust and value.

The FRG Advantage

“As a Director who has fostered this culture of client centricity and leadership in traditional trade I was very pleased to see that this ethos had permeated into our team. I have no doubt that we will continue to maintain our position as leaders in our field thanks to the commitment, imitative and strength of our team,” says Steve.