Frontline Research Group gears up into 2024

Frontline Research Group (FRG) has seen a promising start to 2024, propelled by the collective efforts of its dedicated team and the invaluable support from clients and partners.

Steve Johnson, Managing Director, says, “We are pleased with the progress achieved this early in 2024 and attribute it to the diligent work ethic and commitment exhibited by the team throughout 2023, which laid a solid foundation for this year.”

Market Research Throughout Africa

FRG’s presence in the market continues to expand steadily, with the team actively involved in delivering insightful reports and valuable perspectives across various countries. Notably, upcoming engagements in Cameroon, Nigeria, and Ghana underscore FRG’s commitment to understanding and serving diverse markets with expertise and dedication.

“Drawing from the experiences and successes of the previous year, FRG has been fortunate to secure new contracts and extend its reach in Tanzania, Uganda, and Mozambique. This expansion reflects the collaborative efforts and the trust placed in FRG by its partners and clients,” adds Steve.

Central to FRG’s mission is the recognition of the ongoing need for reliable data that drives actionable insights within the market. Steve emphasizes the company’s commitment to continuous improvement by actively listening to client feedback and seeking innovative solutions to meet evolving needs.

Operating in South East Asia

An exciting milestone for FRG in 2023 was the opportunity to contribute to projects in South East Asia. While the company had prior experience in the region there is now a concerted effort to expand in this area.

Steve says, “FRG is committed to becoming market leaders in traditional trade research in South East Asia just as it has done in Africa.  Having said this, we recognise the complexity of the task ahead and the importance of navigating new territories with diligence and determination.”

With their dedicated team and a focus on delivering value to clients, FRG is poised to continue its journey of growth and impact in 2024 and beyond.

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