Know And Understand You Competitor To Gain Economic Advantage

There is the wise old adage “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” and in the business environment, where competition is fierce, it is absolutely necessary to know what your competitors are doing.

Steve Johnson, Managing Director of Front Line Research Group says, “Africa is a relatively under developed market and for companies wanting to enter or expand their operations here they need accurate retail data and they should bench mark their competitors too.”

Frontline Research Group (FRG) have developed a number of products that assist companies with gaining a strong economic advantage over their competitors.

“Most of these products gather very useful information about a customer’s competition. What is key to our effectiveness is that we go beyond just providing data, we also provide analyses, insights and direction,” adds Steve

Market Landscape Developer

The Market Landscape Developer is one FRG’s most effective tools for businesses looking to expand or enter a new market.

It provides a host of essential information for a specific geographic area, including the actual size of the universe, the competitiveness of the market, market share, brand and distribution execution at point of buying, as well as looking at the effectiveness of customer service and support, across the value chain.

In short, Frontline’s Market Landscape Developer will give you a very accurate report on the size and value of the market. In particular it will also give a company insight into the level of competition you will face, and assist you to build your strategy to handle this competition.

Retail Audit Tracking

Retail Audit Tracking is a dedicated division in FRG that specialises in reading and understanding the market and trade environment. In particular, they measures SKU specific data and retail trends for customers and they can monitor a customer’s competition too.

Retail Audit Tracking allows FRG customers to track their performance in the market environment versus their competitors, measure brand and product successes and identify threats.

The key objective is to enable the FRG customer to strengthen their market position and overcome challenges from competitors.

Steve says, “We achieve this by providing both strategic insights and advice on tactical actions. Our experienced client services team ensure that the reports are purposefully built and contain the insights our customers require.”

Retail Execution and Tracking

Retail execution and tracking is vital to maintaining a competitive edge. Making sure that a product or product range, as well as Point of Sale materials and promotions, are displayed and executed correctly, requires ongoing assessment and corrections.

The Frontline Research Group have developed a retail execution and tracking audit methodology, called RADAR, whose results can be monitored in real time.

“Once the KPI requirements of the customer are identified, a custom-made digital dashboard is developed, and the customer is given login details that allow them to access the research results in real time,” adds Steve.

Whatever information is required – availability, price compliance, SOVI, merchandising, asset standards or CSI, may be acquired and displayed.

Having up to date retail execution and tracking data allows companies to gain a competitive advantage of their competition.

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