Public Sector Services Assisted To Reach Remote Areas Through Partnership With Private Sector Expertise

Frontline Research Group (FRG) has, over the past 25 years, worked with some of the biggest FMCG companies in the world.  Amongst other things, they have assisted them in optimizing their route to market.

It is well known that FRG has a thorough knowledge of the complexities of the African continent but did you know that FRG has been helping Public Sector organisations with their route to market strategies for the past ten years too?

Information Solutions for Sustainable Development in Africa

The need for this service has grown to the extent that Frontline Research Group launched a division titled Information Solutions for Sustainable Development in Africa (ISSDA).

Africa can pose as a rather challenging business environment largely due to the informal nature of businesses and the lack of infrastructure. This makes it difficult to get products, services and lifesaving medicines to the right places, in the right quantities at the right place and at the right time.

However, this has been less of a deterrent for FMCG multinational companies, due to having a Private sector approach to solve such challenges as well as procuring services from agencies such as FRG that help to give businesses the ability to understand the landscape at more granular levels in both strategic and tactical ways.

James Flood, who heads up ISSDA says, “Many Public Sector Organisations don’t have the same level of trade knowledge and experience of multinational corporations and have difficulty delivering their goods or services, particularly to the last mile, where it is sorely needed.”

In these public sector entities, delivery teams and medical supply chain agencies in many cases can suffer from lack the capability, capacity, tools and information needed to properly strategies, plan and optimize delivery routes in a sustainable way to deal with supply and demand needs. This is where FRG come in to assist as an implementation partner.

“National health organizations need assistance with data visibility, delivery planning and optimization, fleet sizing and/or the use of effective outsourced transportation services to get their products to patients effectively. ” adds James.

FRG is able to use available research data such as retail census, points of interest data and population stats to build knowledge around the markets in need. Where data is not available FRG designs and executes tried and tested research methodologies to gather this data and then analyses it to help give visibility into the market that was not there before so that data-driven decisions can be made by key stakeholders.

James says, “In addition to collecting accurate and relevant data, we also have very advanced spatial tools and features for visualizing the data in ways that can help make better decisions as well as building solutions around strategic logistical and distribution planning activities.”

Get involved with FRG’s ISSDA solutions

If you are a Public Sector Enterprise or a company that is wanting to build a strong CSR and would like assistance in ways to optimize or improve your overall service delivery to the last mile, please contact Steve Johnson MANAGING DIRECTOR, on +230 5493 6376 or