Are you looking for a post-Covid retail census in Kenya?

Steve Johnson, Managing Director at the Frontline Research Group (FRG), believes that a post-COVID retail census for the FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) industry in Kenya, is important for several reasons.

Steve says, “As the retail landscape has undergone significant changes due to the pandemic, and continues to evolve, it has become crucial for businesses within the FMCG industry to understand the current market conditions, opportunities, and the overall state of the retail sector.”

Worldwide changes in consumer behavior

Worldwide, the pandemic has resulted in shifts in consumer preferences, shopping habits, and purchasing power.

“We have recently completed a retail census, in neighbouring Tanzania, where we gathered data from over 99 000 outlets, and this has revealed some big changes in the FMCG industry post-COVID.  We believe that it is important to find out just how COVID has affected the Kenyan retail industry,” adds Steve.

Conducting a retail census allows businesses to gather updated information on the current market dynamics, including the trade environment, identifying opportunities, and optimising distribution & territory management. This data enables FMCG companies to make informed decisions regarding competitor presence, opportunity assessment, and distribution channels.

Frontline Research Group already has extensive experience in Kenya

Frontline Research Group’s knowledge of Kenya and its expertise, in both the formal and informal retail sectors, make them well-suited to conduct the post-COVID retail census.

Steve says, “We have conducted retail census in parts of Kenya, in the past, and we conduct regular Retail Audits here too as well as across most of sub-Saharan Africa. Our understanding of the local market dynamics, established networks, and experience in data collection and analysis can provide valuable insights.”

Engaging a research group with this expertise ensures that the census is conducted effectively, delivering accurate and actionable information for decision-making.

“Frontline Research Group goes way beyond just gathering data.  Much of our expertise lies in providing analysis, insights and direction that help companies make important tactical and strategic decisions,” adds Steve. “We focus on the long-term partnership, to assist your business to grow.

If you are interested in finding out more about a retail census in Kenya contact Steve Johnson, MANAGING DIRECTOR, on +230 5493 6376 or