When you need market research done right in Mozambique, Frontline Research Group have the experience, the data and insights

Market research is a critical tool for companies seeking to exploit new markets or maintain their competitiveness in ever-changing and evolving market environments and this is particularly true for Mozambique.

The Mozambique economy was in a terrible mess 30 years ago due to its civil war but has since shown exceptional growth.   However, the vast majority of the Mozambique retail market remains informal.

For companies venturing into Mozambique, with its diverse market landscape, market research and analysis is essential.

Frontline Research Group knows Mozambique

Frontline Research Group has a number of ongoing research projects in Mozambique.  The have essential market related details on over 35 000 retail outlets, and this number grows with every month.

With their vast experience in Mozambique and the rest of Africa, Frontline Research Group assists clients with formulating market research projects, as well as collecting and analysing the data required to provide actionable insights.

How important is Market Research for businesses venturing into Mozambique?

Market research is key to understand the markets within Mozambique.

Vaughan Deacon, Client Relations Manager at Frontline Research Group, says, “We have seen successful companies from the USA and Europe trying to enter the markets in Mozambique, using the methodologies and experience gained at home and fail to gain the foothold. They simply did not understand the market dynamics here, as they are quite different to what they are used to.”

Although Mozambique is evolving quickly, and especially because of this, one needs to understand the market within each region, and a blanket approach cannot be assumed.

The diversity within Africa is what makes it appealing, but this needs to be understood, in order to succeed.

Why outsource your Market Research?

Although many companies have in-house insights teams, many of these do not have the capability or capacity to run large scale, or long term tracking projects. Also, using an independent third party, allows for objective analysis of the results, and data collected.

For companies who do not have the luxury of an in-house insights team, partnering with a research agency such as Frontline Research Group, becomes a key relationship that focusses on building the clients market intelligence, in order for them to grow their business.

“Frontline prides itself in not selling “off the shelf” data to our clients, but rather tailoring our products around their specific needs. This means using your definitions, your trade channels, your regions, and your list of measures, giving you insights into your world. We become your strategic partner, rather than simply a supplier,” adds Vaughan.

“We bring our experience of over 26 years of operating across Africa, as well as that of working in various market sectors, and marry that with the knowledge and experience of our client, in order to provide the best solution to meet their needs,” concludes Vaughan.

To find out more or obtain a quotation on Market Research in Mozambique contact Vaughan Deacon on 086 999 0407 or vaughan@frontlineafrica.com