Knowing Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the most important markets in Africa. It has the largest population in Africa, over 205 million people, and is the continent’s biggest economy.

Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria and in Africa with a population with a population of just under 21 Million inhabitants.

According to a Trading Economics, Nigeria has a growth rate of over 3.5% pa.

If you are not operating in Nigeria, then you should be and if you have already entered the Nigerian market then the Frontline Research Group (FRG) can assist you with knowing this huge opportunity, better.

Why the Frontline Research Group Knows Nigeria

The economy of Nigeria is a middle-income, mixed economy with a substantial emerging market. The Frontline Research Group are emerging market experts and we generate helpful tactical and strategic insights into what may appear to be a chaotic environment.

Steve Johnson, Director of New Business at FRG says that they have worked in Nigeria for many years, but have become more active recently.

“We have a completed a partial census of the Nigerian market in 2021 and 2022 and have developed market landscape data which give great insights into five of Nigeria’s most important cities, Abuja, Ibadan, Enugu, Lagos, Owerri, Port Harcourt,” says Steve.

The focus of this market landscape, was primarily for the beverage industry on mainstream and premium bars and restaurants, night clubs, modern and traditional off-trade outlets;  independent general dealers, wholesalers and resellers. A landscape analysis, of this nature, would not, however, be complete, without taking into account all FMCG channels.

Monthly Retail Audit

Steve says, “We have been running a Monthly Retail Audit Panel in Nigeria since May 2022 and we now have close to a year’s worth of tracking data. The insights this data provides has been remarkable.”

The Monthly Retail Audit tracking measures include sales volume and share, sales value and share, facings share, distribution, price and merchandising.

Syndicated Participants

We are looking for new syndicated participants in this Monthly Retail Audit, particularly in the

alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, tobacco and all FMCG categories.

Please contact Liesl Pearson on +27 (0)82 441 7331 or for more information or a demonstration.